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How We Are Unique

“There is no one else out there thinking about what kids need at such a deep level.”
Rev. Lawrence Hudson, Senior Pastor,
First Covenant Church, Spokane, WA

Ministry Goals
KidTrek's Focus
Secondary Nurturers
Family Services

"Today's youth are involved in churches at a much higher level than older generations. Yet, if our surveys are close to accurate, only a small number (4%) of the [them] are making decisions for Christ.81% of Christians today accepted Christ before they turned 20... More than any other factor - race, class, culture, etc. - age seems to be the key to receptivity."
-The Bridger Generation, Thomas Rainer

"In other words, by the time students enter high school, the odds of accepting Christ as Savior are radically reduced; by the time they graduate from high school, the odds are stacked against such a choice to a staggering degree."
-George Barna

Ministry Goals

Equipping leaders to replicate themselves, thereby multiplying the number of families being reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kids and their families changed through the love and power of Jesus Christ.

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KidTrek's Focus

As children of the Living God, we understand that we are made in His image. Being made in His image we also understand that all people have an intrinsic ability to be resilient, to bounce back despite adversity in their lives. As research is now showing, and as can be seen through history, some people have more resiliency than others.

For this reason KidTrek understands not all kids need intense long term relationships; however, we also understand there are many kids who need a lot more intervention than a drop-in center at a church.

KidTrek's primary focus will be to equip as many men and women (Secondary Nurturers) as possible to reach families in crisis all across America.

There are many churches with after school drop-in programs across the country, but there are few ministries reaching the kids who need intense, long term commitment made to them and their primary nurturer. The focus of KidTrek-trained adults is to make a deep, long lasting impact in the lives of the least resilient kids.

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Secondary Nurturers

"At-risk" kids are ANY whose primary nurturers (parents, grandparents, foster parents) have left "holes" in their hearts. KidTrek equips Christian adults to walk with kids through life, filling those "holes." Secondary Nurturers provide spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social guidance and practical assistance.

Learn more about what it means to be a Secondary Nurturer

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Eight-day, eighty-hour "Basic" training covers whole-istic ministry to at-risk kids, including:
Vision for ministry - how to identify and reach local at-risk kids.

Spiritual Warfare - how to overcome the “enemy” who does not want us to reach these precious youngsters
Learning Styles - how children learn and what must be done to help them gain basic knowledge.
Child Development - stages of development, salvation, reality learning, discipline issues.
Mentoring - how to practically walk with kids through life.
Program development - how-to's in launching and advancing ministry to kids and their families.
Volunteer Management - recruiting and properly training additional local adult volunteers.
Child Abuse - how to recognize it; practical counseling tips; and required law enforcement referrals.
Tutoring - assisting each child, helping with homework; understanding what they are learning.
Conflict Management - suggestions that help kids cope with daily relationship issues - at home, school, and with peers.
Raising funds - practical suggestions in raising local financial support.
Planning - scheduling and task management skills.

Learn more about our training programs

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“In KidTrek it is recognized that not only do kids need the support of a dedicated mentor, but each mentor also needs support . I have been a mentor to five kids and I have experienced many things-good and bad. Through it all, I have had the unconditional support of my mentor, Sheryl Moffatt.”

“Sheryl lives in Chicago, but miles don't prevent her from being involved in all that goes on in my life. Every Wednesday morning, Sheryl checks in with me, spending hours listening to the challenges I face, giving advice on what to do next, and sometimes even acknowledging that she doesn't know what to do. I can count on her prayers, to rejoice and celebrate my kids' growth. She understands the hard knocks of the inner city. She also sees the humor in life. I know that no matter what comes, I can call her. At the end of each phone call comes the question, 'How may I pray for you?' Then we pray.”

“Sheryl does many things for me, but I love how she points me back to God. She makes me see God in everything, to trust Him more fully.”

Brenda John,
Obasi KidTrek Center
Lincoln, Nebraska

Learn more about our coaching programs

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5. Curriculum
"Because of the way the curriculum is written, to reach into the heart of each child, we are able to form deep, lasting relationships with our kids."

Sherilyn Kingsbury,
First Presbyterian Church,
Aurora, Illinois

Learn more about our curriculum

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Family Services

We must work with the entire family. Kids are more apt to continue the cycle of broken family systems without this critical component.

KidTrek believes that the best place to raise kids is within their respective families. We believe that a kid should only be removed from his/her family as a last resort. Helping a kid after abuse has occurred is only treating the system, not the problem. KidTrek is committed to addressing the real problem.

Learn more about our family services

*Please see Levels of Assistance to learn the specific details and differences between a KidTrek Center and KidTrek Associate.

Why Missionaries to America?
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