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KidTrek Associates...

KidTrek Associates are Church and Para church ministries with their own vision for reaching families, but realize they need further training to get the results they desire. 

These ministries work solely in association with KidTrek through the training and coaching provided, but otherwise have no other connection with KidTrek.

KidTrek assists these ministries by providing two avenues by which to better reach the children in their church and community:

  • After school program
  • S.A.M. & Beyond (i.e., Sunday Morning & Beyond)
Associate Ministries who desire to start their own after school program, or who desire to enhance their church's children's and/or youth ministry, attend our 8 day (80 hour) Basic Training.

This is an extremely long and hard training because we want to prepare these ministries for excellence; we want these ministries to feel confident in their ability to handle virtually anything that comes at them.

And when that is not enough, we provide on-going coaching for twelve months to address questions and/or concerns that may arise.

KidTrek's vision is to equip ministries, whether church or para church, to walk with kids through life in such an intentional, long-term manner they will grow to become Christ-changed, hope-filled, productive adults.

What good have we done if these kids we kept safe today are dropping out of school, getting pregnant, dealing drugs, or even dead... tomorrow?

Please see our Levels of Assistance, FAQ's or how to Join The Walk to get more specific details on what becoming a KidTrek Associate entails.

Visit our Blog, WHY MISSIONARIES TO AMERICA?, and let us know what you think about our Partner Ministries, and the possibility of your church and/or ministry partnering with KidTrek.

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