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Gifts through the mail may be sent to:

P. O. Box 848
Azusa, CA 91702-0848

Three specific ways you can help...

Click here to download and read the details on the Training Package below for the specific ways you can directly help the Christ-centered, God-fearing men and women being equipped to reach the families in their community...

  1. Scholarships
    Despite our efforts to keep the cost to ministries low, many of the small ministries we collaborate with cannot afford the fee.

    Your help to provide scholarship funds is vital to their ability to receive this much needed training and coaching.

  2. Nurturing the Nurturers
    These adults trained to become Secondary Nurturers now need on-going nurturing and support themselves

    Many leave the 880 to go home with little to no direct support from ministry leadership...overwhelmed with their own responsibilities.

    KidTrek has learned, to be effective with sustainable results, these adults must have ongoing nurturing themselves with adequete resources/curriculum.

    To do this, KidTrek needs individuals like yourself to fund the on-going need to nurture the nurturers.

  3. Expanding "The Walk"
    It takes resources for KidTrek to expand and network with new ministries who need the intentional, strategic, long-term training and coaching to get the results we all desire.

    For instance, is KidTrek needed in your own community? Can you provide the funding (gas, airfare, lodging) it will take to send a KidTrek representative to visit with you and/or ministry leadership?

    Send Wanda Parker an email with any follow up questions you may have about this need.

Why Should I Give?:
We read in the Bible David has recently been told by God he will not be permitted to build the Temple of God due to the blood on his hands, but then in 1 Chronicles 29: 1-21 we read of David's efforts to raise the funds and resources that would be needed for Solomon to accomplish the task.

This is the first account of a building capital campaign, and King David is preparing his son, Solomon, to be able to accomplish the task by thinking ahead.

David first gives from his personal finances, then he asks the leaders to give, and last he asks the people to give toward the mission to build God's holy temple.

This is a wonderful biblical account of the importance of God's people coming together, to work together, to accomplish a mission through their generous giving.

And the result?

God was blessed, glorified and worshipped!

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