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Do you desire to develop a standard of excellence that will take your ministry's ability to reach kids with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a whole new level?

Come join The Walk...if you think you got what it takes to turn kids into Christ-changed, hope-filled, productive adults through Christ-centered, intentional, long-term relationships, sign up for KidTrek's next training...

TRAINING...A Snapshot View



"I didn’t know what to expect, except I knew I was in need of some guidance and wanted to bring home tools I could use for our program.

"The long 80 hours in 8 days of training was a time of intense learning, discussion, study, and strategic planning. I was indeed very tired, but I’ve come back...inspired and committed to do my best in serving our Lord with diligence.

"I was trained by brothers and sisters of Christ who are driven for excellence for the Lord. They have committed to equipping leaders to replicate themselves, thereby multiplying the number of families being reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"The KidTrek trainers collectively have a wealth of experience and this was apparent in their stories, presentation, and thorough organized training. I’m really excited that, included with the training, they are giving us 12 months of coaching.

"In order to maintain the focus that our "Center" is not just an afterschool program, but a ministry, I know we have some hefty goals to work toward.  KidTrek has helped me with a strategic plan in order to be intentional and establish long-term relationships with families

"Overall the training was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested or considering starting an afterschool ministry.

Loraine Fong (February, 2009 Trainee)
After School Director (New Hope Community Church, Sacramento, CA)


“This week has been an eye-opening experience of awesome learning, frustrated realization, amazing encouragement and being stretched beyond what I thought possible. 

"It is rare that a vision can be so catching – it is because it comes from how Jesus did ministry!  KidTrek offers my ministry not a quick fix or curriculum to fill time but an outlook on ministry that requires complete surrender and reliance on our Lord. 

"It will not be easy but so worth while to reaching kids and families with the truth and love of Jesus!

Thank you! I caught it and now have the task to infect others!"

Roxanne (April, 2005 Trainee)

Former Director of Children & Family a missionary (for security reasons her last name and location she and her husband are missionaries is ommitted)

“In mission there's a documented correlation between preparation and longevity. If you want a ministry that will last for the long haul, you have to invest in the training of its leaders. That's what KidTrek does with excellence.”
The Rev. Cliff Warner (October, 2002 Trainee)

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Click here to get KidTrek's Introductory Packet...

Read this through...think and pray about whether or not you and/or your ministry is ready to count the cost it will take to truly change kids lives with the Gospel...

What are you willing to see a child grow to become a Christ-changed, hope-filled, productive adults?

Once you have read the Introductory Packet,and you have considered the cost to you, your family and your ministry...proceed to the next steps.

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Click here to contact us regarding interest and/or questions regarding attending a Training.

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TRAINING...A Snapshot View

Based on pictures above, from left to right:

A. Experiencing the challenges of walking through life with kids
B. Consecration
C. Dealing with Child Abuse
D. Experiencing program, Bible Focus, Recreation
E. Fund Development
F. Learning How To Deal with Cultural Differences
G. Practicing Relational Ministry
H. Learning How To Use KidTrek Bucks, a discipline tool
I. Spiritual Warfare
J. Visit a current center
K. Working with school and parents
L. Administration

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