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Family Services

There is no single Family Service model; a unique program is developed for each family based on that family's needs. KidTrek trains the church to empower families to function effectively, through self-sufficiency, learning Biblical principles, as well as guidelines for developing practical Biblical goals.

KidTrek Family Services are Christ-centered, a departure from more traditional professional practicum.

KidTrek adheres to the following principles:
. Kids thrive in a safe, healthy, educated, home.

. Kids are treated with respect, compassion and dignity; families receive needs assessments and the resources to meet those needs.

. Services are provided in collaboration with KidTrek, partnering ministries, and community agencies.

. Services are tailored to the needs of individual families respecting each family's history, experience, culture, and knowledge/education.

. Our services are Christ-centered and intentionally pursue Biblical truth in the achievement of mutual goals.

. Serving and protecting all endangered kids

. Families in need are identified through KidTrek's relational ministry.

. As mentors make their monthly home visits, needs are identified

. KidTrek Family Service begins with one model family

. Identifying appropriate local agencies with whom KidTrek Family Services will accomplish these plans.

KidTrek proactively seeks to prevent child abuse, neglect, exploitation and abandonment. This is a critical component in adequately protecting kids and their families. KidTrek Staff are trained, mandated reporters.

KidTrek believes that the best place to raise kids is within their respective family, believing that only as a last resort should a kid be removed from his/her family. Helping a kid after abuse has occurred is treating the system, not the problem. KidTrek is committed to addressing real problems.

. KidTrek Family Service works with Service Partners to determine the data needed to serve kids and their families.

. KidTrek Family Service determines the best method to gather data consistent with the importance of confidentiality and how to appropriately share personal information with Service Partners.

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