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Understanding KidTrek's Curriculum

Sunday Plus

After School Programs


Sunday Plus Curriculum

Sunday Plus is KidTrek's collaborative Sunday morning and midweek curriculum. It is designed to help disciple the local-churches own kids and families.

Sunday Plus is our partnership with churches who have a desire for an excellent Sunday morning, mid-week and beyond ministry to their church kids.

While mom and dad should be the primary discipler of their children, they should not do it alone. Sad to say, even within the local church, many parents are not capable, for various reasons, to properly disciple their own children.

Deuteronomy 6 challenges all of Israel to be diligent in the discipleship of its children. Kids today are looking for adults, in addition to mom and dad, who will walk with them through life – they are hungering for discipleship as modeled by Jesus.


Bible Focus, which includes:
Bible Story
Chat n Chew

Kids Corporate Worship, which includes:

: a weekly drama, using the Bible Focus lesson, that unfolds an on-going story wrapped around the lives of four primary characters: Jacob (10 years old), Pablo (10 years old), Olivia (7 years old) and Grace (7 years old). Jacob and Olivia are brother and sister.

Kids Midweek Celebration, which includes:

Celebrate in Review
Truth or Desire

Memeory Verse Game

Contact Wanda Parker by clicking here to contact us regarding how to register for a Training. to get more information on our Sunday Plus curriculum.

After School Program Curriculum
Specially designed for at-risk kids. Each unit covers one month for a three to four day per week after-school program.

View and/or Download our sample after-school-program curriculum (Microsoft Word format)

Bible Focus/Bible 101
Life Skills
Crafts/The Arts
Read Aloud

Family Time
(includes Memory Verse Game and short skit which applies to Bible concept of the week)

Materials included are for both children and teens.

Units Presently Available

PURPOSE: To teach kids that with God's help confidence is possible.
END RESULT: Kids will move toward an experience of confidence in God.

Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving
PURPOSE: To teach kids to develop their faith by communication with Jesus Christ.
END RESULT: Kids will have begun to develop a habit of continual communication with Jesus Christ.

PURPOSE: To teach kids that every choice they make creates consequences that can affect their today, tomorrow and forever.
END RESULT: Kids will begin to make wise choices based on biblical concepts.

PURPOSE: To teach kids that God will give them the strength to have self-control.
END RESULT: Kids will begin to display self-control based on biblical concepts.

PURPOSE: To teach kids that with God's help integrity is possible.
END RESULT: Kids will begin to live life with integrity.

PURPOSE: To teach kids that they can have a quiet strength in the midst of difficult circumstances.
END RESULT: Kids will begin to grow an inner strength which will keep them from being easily provoked.

PURPOSE: To teach kids that though humans may disappoint them, God will never abandon them, He has a purpose for everything.
END RESULT: Kids will grow to have God confidence irregardless of what humans do.

Let's Celebrate
To teach kids that they can celebrate because we know who the Messiah is; and He has a plan for their lives.
END RESULT: Kids will move deeper into a trust walk with Jesus.

Contact Wanda Parker regarding the list of upcoming units. (Click to contact Wanda)

View and/or Download our sample curriculum
(Microsoft Word format)


The Fun Zone
A week long Day Camp curriculum in which the kids create a Penny Carnival. On the final day their plans are implemented, inviting the neighborhood to enjoy their fun event. Biblical basis: John 10.10

KWAM - Kids With A Mission
A week long Day Camp. Each day kids learn the importance of serving in a unique segment of the community: elderly, local neighborhood, church, home. On the final day, parents and friends are invited for a time of celebration.

Christmas In Summer
A week long Day Camp. Kids experience how Christmas is celebrated in Uganda, China, Mexico and Sweden. On the final day families are invited to a Christmas celebration created by the kids.

View and/or Download our sample curriculum (Microsoft Word format)


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