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We believe that preparing “Secondary Nurturers” to walk with kids through life includes the need for on-going Coaching.

Included as part of the Training & Coaching Package, KidTrek staff commits to 12 months of on-going coaching for each Associate Ministry, understanding the difficulty of persevering in frontline ministry.

We make ourselves available to answer questions, make suggestions, provide encouragement, as well as regular prayer support.

Through the Coaching provided, we also assist our Associate Ministries to meet the goals they developed in Basic Training, so as to obtain the long-term results desired.

Our staff has over 100 years combined experience in working with at-risk kids. To assist you, staff is ready to draw on their years of expertise.


Examples of coaching:

(1) “Tina is more than we can handle. How can we get through to her?” Our regional facilitator (an MSW) walked through behavior issues, including “fetal alcohol syndrome.” The mentor was encouraged that, while we cannot change the past, knowing about chemical or biological issues helps us know how to help a child. Belligerence and rebelliousness are not aimed at the adult mentor. The mentor was encouraged to bring prayer warriors around her and the child, and also was given specific actions to be taken with a child with “fetal alcohol syndrome.” Today, the child is still part of the center - growing spiritually, academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

(2) Another call for help came via email: “I need to teach a lesson on the sower - how can I do it in a way elementary kids will understand?” That same day, a sample lesson was created and e-mailed to the director; kids were impacted because the mentor did not have to spend valuable time developing the lesson, affording more time to interact with the kids.

(3) “I can't handle working with these people any longer; how do I deal with all the issues they bring to our large ministry?” Our coach talked through these issues, empowering the director to persevere through the relational struggles with her peers. Ministry was improved as staff relationships were strengthened.

(4) A director starting a new year was struggling to determine which kids should be included in the center - there was a waiting list. The coach objectively talked through the pros and cons until the Director was able to make a decision.

Benefits of Coaching
. Keep Center Director focused on ministry, especially when discouragement comes.
. National mentors, serving Center Directors, model how to walk with kids through life.
. On the spot coaching in child development, crisis intervention, programming, discipline, fund development, administration, and inter-personal issues.

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