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Ministries have unique, differing needs; here's how KidTrek can help you.

Defining Associate Ministries

Level 1: Sunday Plus

Level 2: After School Programs

Core & Gap Ministry Models



Defining Associate Ministries

KidTrek Associates are Church and Para church ministries who have developed a vision for reaching the families in their community, but realize they need training, support and resources to get the results they desire. 

The term “Associate” is used in conjunction with the fact these ministries work in association with KidTrek, as partners and collaborators, through the training, coaching and resources provided, but the actual ministry itself is run and managed by the Associate Ministry

KidTrek desires to equip Associate Ministries to reach the families in their community through such intentional, long-term relationships, the kids will grow to become Christ-changed, hope-filled, productive adults.

There are two Associate Ministry Levels:

  • Sunday Plus (Inreach)
  • After School Program (Outreach)

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Level 1: Sunday Plus (Inreach)
Sunday Plus is our partnership with churches who have a desire for an excellent Sunday morning, mid-week and beyond ministry to their church kids.

While mom and dad should be the primary discipler of their children, they should not do it alone. Sad to say, even within the local church, many parents are not capable, for various reasons, to properly disciple their own children.

Deuteronomy 6 challenges all of Israel to be diligent in the discipleship of its children. Kids today are looking for adults, in addition to mom and dad, who will walk with them through life – they are hungering for discipleship as modeled by Jesus.


In addition, KidTrek Associate Ministries leave the Training with:

  • An enhanced vision
  • A written purpose statement
  • A strategy laid out on goal boards to implement a quality Sunday morning, midweek and beyond minsitry to their kids.
  • One year's worth of comprehensive curriculum.

Click here to learn more about current KidTrek Associates in our Partner Spotlight.

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Level 2: After School Program (Outreach)
After school programs have become a popular means for ministries to reach kids in their community. KidTrek equips these ministries to implement a high quality after school program.

The after school program model is also viewed as a tool; a means by which to build trust within a specific community. A place to offer important academic and life skill needs, but also a place to teach important critical thinking as it relates to their maturing and growing in Christ. 

Within the after school program KidTrek starts each Associate Ministry with nine (9) units of curriculum to be used in the relationally-based evangelism and discipleship of the children and their families.

Each unit contains four full weeks of biblically-based materials related to:

  • one particular subject (e.g., Choices, Kindness, Prayer/Thanksgiving, Love, Joy, Peace, Self-control).

  • guiding kids in these biblically-based subjects and how they relate to each aspect of their lives through Bible, life skills, art, recreation, meal and family time lessons, leading them toward a sustainable faith in Christ.

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Core & Gap Ministry Models

In both the Sunday Plus and After School Program levels, KidTrek equips Associate Ministries to reach the families in its "community" through an emphasis on the Core and Gap Ministry Models:


CORE Ministry
KidTrek will equip Associate Ministries how to build intentional, long-term relationships with families by first modeling the type of "nurturing" it will take to reach them.

Ideally Associate Ministry Secondary Nurturers will make a commitment to walk throughlife with 3-5 children, the same 3-5 children, until they reach the age of 18.

While the focus is on the individual child within the Core Ministry Model, KidTrek equips the Associate Ministry to be involved in the entire family's life (especially the Primary Nurturer's) so as to have a deeper, more sustainable impact on that child's life.

KidTrek and its Associate Ministries are committed to building the intentional, long term relationships needed to reach each family.

This commitment encompasses:

  • Providing intentional, long-term, Christ-centerd, God-fearing adult relationships.
  • Providing on-going training for adults desiring to walk with kids through life.
  • Training and coaching adults to build relationships with each kid's Primary Nurturer.
  • Training and coaching adults to work with school and social service providers.
  • Enfolding families into a local Bible teaching church.

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GAP Ministry
This is the second phase in KidTrek's mission to equip churches to reach families in crisis from their community.

KidTrek will do this by assisting its Associate Ministries in providing a mid-week "drop-in ministry" for kids in the community; providing a safe haven for kids which will include: tutoring, games, interactive activities, and most important, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This also provides the opportunity needed to train and coach Ministry staff and volunteers what it will take to build intentional, long-term relationships with families in crisis from their community.

Associate Ministry Secondary Nurturers, serving as volunteers, will not be able to give the same level of service as the Staff, so they will be challenged to develop an intentional, long-term relationship with only one family.

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Read about how we desire to assist you, then visit our Blog, KIDTREK: SUNDAY PLUS

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